Incredible Value

Omega Restaurant & Maintenance Cleaning Services offers the highest value commercial and restaurant cleaning in the industry. Find out how you can save time and money by switching to us today.

Proud To Be Local

As a local operation, we guarantee your cleaning services can be delivered at a moment’s notice. Our rigorous focus on cultivating and retaining the best local employees allows us to deliver consistently dependable service.

Why It Matters

We understand that not all businesses and restaurants do things the same. We take time to identify your critical cleaning needs and customize our maintenance services to meet those requirements, so you can avoid any violations and be free to focus on what you do best.

WHY CHOOSE Omega Restaurant & Maintenance Cleaning Services?

Our specialty lies in the extensive cleaning routines that we custom tailor to each business’s needs. Coupled with the best-trained staff and a regimented evaluation system, we are able to provide the highest quality clean at the most affordable price to restaurants and workspaces.


We specialize in providing an exceptional clean by maintaining a rigorously regimented daily routine. Check out our customizable services.

Front of House
Back of House
Kitchen Deep Clean
Restroom Cleaning
Floors and Windows


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