Deep Kitchen Cleaning.

Deep Clean - Odor Eater

Time, customers, food, employees, heavy traffic and consistent activity wears on the workspace over time. No one wants to know what that smells like. This service uses products that literally pull the odors out of the air and off dirty surfaces throughout the building. Then we simply remove the product and the odors along with them. Take control and remove any unwanted smells. Try it out and breathe easy today! This is always a client favorite.

Deep Clean - Appliance

Remember what cooking with shiny new appliances used to feel like? Brushing up against a fireplace, bar, or food preparation area should not be a scary thought. Simply wiping the countertops with a washcloth and squirt of cleaning product just doesn’t cut it. We use the appropriate industrial-strength products, letting them soak into and cut through layers of caked on grease. By using the right products with the right tools, and adding a touch of elbow grease, we are able to eliminate years of residue and grime. We use a variety of detailing tools such as pump sprayers that get the product to the right places and hot-water pressure washing with highly specialized applicators to melt away build up in all those hard to reach areas. We understand that some appliances may need more attention than others. Rest assured we’ll give each item the time and care needed to bring to do the job right!

Deep Clean - Air Vents

If you’ve looked at your vents you will know if you need this. Dusting is one thing, but vents constantly circulate the air in the building and that means anything in the air, including grease. This deep clean, de-greasing service is a three-part process. First, we dust/vacuum. Then we take down and soak each vent, followed by a final hot water scrub before replacing. And now that you’re looking inside… cleaning inside ducts is an option too! Please see “Kitchen Exhaust Steam Cleaning”. Breathing easier is closer than you may think!

Deep Clean - Kitchen Hood Vents

Ever look up when cooking to see grease build up in your vents?  It is a constant battle in every kitchen. Over time, that layer of film slowly builds up until removal seems like an almost impossible task. By implementing proper application of our specialized degreasers in tandem with hot water cleaning treatments, we’re able to deep clean them correctly, thus preventing any costly replacement. Say goodbye to the smells of built-up grease. Plus, your risk of grease fires is now substantially lower. Win, win!

Deep Clean - Kitchen Hood System

Much like the buildup in hood vents, over time grease builds up in the hood’s actual casing around the hood vents. We attack that buildup head on to help prevent grease fires and promote a cleaner working environment. Using state of the art, electric hot-water pressure washers, we can treat the problem at its source, before it drips and creeps into other areas and equipment. We can help make it seem like a shiny new penny!

Deep Clean - Kitchen Exhaust

We’re going in! If it’s been longer than you can remember it’s likely time to have your full exhaust system cleaned. This service is priced separately as it is quite a process to get to the source of the problem, where grease has been accumulating for years. Far beyond what a degreaser alone will do, this process involves tarping, soaking and pressure steam washing. This is one to plan in advance, and worth every penny for proper equipment upkeep. We recommend having this service done annually, especially if you have not done it recently or since purchasing. Greatly decrease risk of grease fires by locating the root of the issue.

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