Front of House.

Advanced Audit System

Keeping a business clean is no small task. The problem is that no one knows all of the ins and outs of your restaurant or workspace better than you…at least until we do a complete walkthrough with you! We highly value your input and also respect your time limitations, thus strive to get ahead of the curve with a simple feedback check. With our Complete Omega Walkthrough System, we go beyond just double-checking our work in routine areas. In addition to regular internal reporting on every detail of our routine clean, we put the power in your hands with easy manager evaluations.

Tasks are divided into separate areas and given a quality score. We build our walkthrough system from the ground up to custom audit your assigned routine. Walkthroughs can be completed in just five minutes and allow you to review all areas under your care. When you submit each survey, we are immediately notified and able to take action right away and return at no cost if ever necessary. Did we mention our service pros have a bonus structure based on these quality scores? We are confident we can consistently keep your location cleaner than you could ever expect!

Bathroom Detailing

Bathrooms can be one of the most dreaded areas to clean. That’s why we take it to the next level with our top to bottom detailing service. We start with an acid wash on metal and porcelain surfaces, cutting through any build-up and continue that attention to detail using deck brushes and even hot water pressure washing as needed to cover all surfaces including stalls, partitions, walls, ceilings, corners, and edges. Next, we perform our odor-eater service as part of the bathroom detailing and finish with our famous Ultra Shine hand polishing on all metal surfaces. Simply put, it’s the only option; make it fresh as new every time with OmegaFine!

Routine Floors

Floors may very well be the most important measurement of cleanliness in a business. Unfortunately, floors are the first thing to get dirty and can be especially problematic if some items or layouts obstruct immediate access to the floor. Debris and substance spills can make cleaning routines time consuming and challenging to complete. At Omega Maintenance Services, keeping your location clean starts with a solid foundation from the ground up. We understand the standard you expect and strive to make all the difference in your daily routine. Consistently pulling out heavy furniture and equipment ensures edges and corners are spotless. Did you remember to clean the baseboards? That’s right, 6-inches up the wall is included with our standard floor cleaning. We use the latest tools and techniques, such as combining professional products like degreasers to cut through that stubborn sticky layer with hot-water pressure washing for industrial flooring. We lean heavily on mopping and sweeping for hard surfaces and using commercial vacuums and retractors for carpets and area rugs. Get ready to enjoy your smooth floors again.

Rug and Carpet Vacuum

The difference you can see…especially under tables and in hard to reach places. We use industrial-grade vacuums to create powerful suction that removes debris and dirt from carpets and rugs. Extension poles and detailing heads help up get into all the nooks and crannies! Looking for something more? Ask about our retractor service, which is great for high traffic areas with carpet.

Routine Dusting

Dusting is an ongoing sport of regular maintenance. It can easily sneak up on you, as it is a continuous cycle. Our Routine Dusting service will focus on specific areas of need such as fans, frames, and surfaces to always keep your location fresh. Choose your desired frequency for each service (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) to meet the needs of your specific location. Every restaurant and business is different, which is why we design a custom cleaning routine for each client! Give us a try to see and feel the difference!

High Dusting -


Guests and employees can both agree that spider webs and dust bunnies are not markers for success. High ceilings, high traffic, and other environmental factors contribute to build up in the areas we don’t notice until it’s often too late, such as beams, corners, and pipes. With high powered, backpack and pole vacuums, we are able to efficiently remove the dust without agitating and spreading debris like traditional methods so often do. This is critical for businesses to handle properly, as fiberglass is a common surface in areas where dusting is needed and is essential to be handled properly.

High Dusting -

Air Vents

Vents are of utmost importance to clean properly and regularly. Fiberglass insulation is common, and vents see high volumes of airflow and therefore dust. If not properly maintained, over time, settled dust can combine with humidity to create unpleasant and even toxic mold build-up in the vents. This air pollution then gets pumped throughout the workplace and into customer areas causing unpleasant odors and potentially even spreading harmful mold spores that can impact health. For that reason, consistent vent cleaning and dusting is a must. With our high-powered vacuums, we can remove that dust and prevent any issues, so you don’t have to worry.

High Dusting-


You guessed it! All surfaces accumulate dust; flat ledges are just more noticeable, especially the ones our customers can easily see. With pole and vacuum dusters, we are able to easily maintain high shelves and surfaces to keep even the most out of reach places white glove ready at all times. Let us know if there is a hidden or tricky ledge somewhere you need help with, and we will be happy to take care of it!

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures seem to be a magnet, as they seem to light up any dirt they come into contact with. Dusting alone doesn’t always cut it. Taking time to both sanitize and wipe them down by hand with a soft, microfiber cloth may not seem necessary, but we’re confident you will appreciate this attention to detail.

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