Back of House.

Ultra Shine-

Metal Surfaces

Metal surfaces can be stubborn and easily cling to dirty substances. This can make keeping them clean feel nearly impossible. With our Ultra Shine service, we start by cleaning and removing any excess mess. Next we give those surfaces the shine sealant they deserve. Applied by hand, our streak free products polish and then most importantly, help to seal out the filth to keep them shining longer.

Food Prep Stations

Food preparation areas, including sinks and other back of house tables, undergo heavy usage and therefore need to be kept exceptionally clean. With random health inspections always a possibility, we can’t take any chances or cut any corners. Tables and sinks are all cleaned by hand with proper products to ensure they are done right to avoid food contamination.

Drains -

Large & Small!

Nothing really compares to how incredibly repellent a clogged drain can be, especially when water is at a standstill. Using our tough degreasers and hot-water pressure washer we can cut through any mess that tries to hang around or clog the flow. Upon request we can add drain removal to the process to really get in and fight the problem at its source. Let us help you!

floors and walkways

Floors and walkways can take quite a beating. While often easy to clean at first, overtime, patios, sidewalks, entrance ways, kitchens and other hard flooring can be some of the toughest to polish with all the ground in dirt and grime. Sand blasting won’t work here either. By using hot water and allowing the right products the time they need to do their job; we take an approach that is just the right balance to get the job done the right way. These services require specialized training to ensure this difficult task gets that Omega Fine finish.