Floors and Windows.

Routine Floors

Floors may very well be the most important measurement of cleanliness in a business. Unfortunately, floors are the first thing to get dirty and can be especially problematic if there are items or layouts that obstruct immediate access to the floor. Debris and substance spills can make cleaning routines time consuming and challenging to complete. At Omega Maintenance Services, keeping your location clean starts with a solid foundation from the ground up. We understand the standard you expect and strive to make all the difference in your daily routine. Consistently pulling out heavy furniture and equipment ensures edges and corners are spotless. Did you remember to clean the baseboards? That’s right, 6-inches up the wall is included with our standard floor cleaning. We use the latest tools and techniques, such as combining professional products like degreasers to cut through that stubborn sticky layer with hot-water pressure washing for industrial flooring. We lean heavily on mopping and sweeping for hard surfaces and using commercial vacuums and retractors for carpets and area rugs. Get ready to enjoy your smooth floors again.

Rug and Carpet Vacuum

The difference you can see… especially under tables and in hard to reach places. We use industrial grade vacuums to create powerful suction that removes debris and dirt from carpets and rugs. Extension poles and detailing heads help up get into all the nooks and crannies! Looking for something more? Ask about our retractor service, which is great for high traffic areas with carpet.

Power Washing Floors

Floors and walkways can take quite a beating. While often easy to clean at first, overtime, patios, sidewalks, entrance ways, kitchens and other hard flooring can be some of the toughest to polish with all the ground in dirt and grime. Sand blasting won’t work here either. By using hot water and allowing the right products the time they need to do their job; we take an approach that is just the right balance to get the job done the right way. These services require specialized training to ensure this difficult task gets that Omega Fine finish.

Deep Clean - Indoor Windows

Windows are some of the largest surfaces in a building and are an early indicator of building cleanliness… or lack thereof! Over time a routine squirt and squeegee just won’t cut it. Using the right products and detailing tools to degrease windows will make all the difference and leave a positive and lasting first impression on your guests. Get ready to see the light with spotless windows!

Deep Clean - Exterior Windows

Glass can accumulate residue that seems impossible to remove. That haze takes away from the view into or out of your location and makes an important first impression. We use the latest in window cleaning technology including Foam Gun Degreasers, Microfiber pole scrubbers and a streak free rinse and squeegee process to restore clarity.